This was a project I did as a self-promo, to gain freelance work, and to do a nice folio piece. The idea was to, at this Valentine’s Day, aim for the heart of those studios / agencies I love the most. Those creative directors received a parcel on Valentine’s Day, containing a little Valentine’s card, a dart and a double sided A3 poster. The card read the following poem; ‘Your work is within my heart, I have travelled your every move, if the cause of the creative is to search, then the hunger is to prove’. The poster showed a guy on one side, a girl on the other side. Both show a target painted on their chest. If one puts the poster up, and uses the dart, one could really aim for the heart.

I couldn’t have done this project without the help and support of some fabulous creatives, that believed enough in the idea and therefor were happy to collaborate and work with me on a folio piece. Thanks so much to:

photography: Florian Groehn
retouching: Justin Overell
copy: Rowan Miller
make-up: Lily Fontana
models provided by Dallys Models.