In collaboration with Jessica Huddart. Together, we founded a trianual art exhibition Seven With Another and needed to come up with an idea for
it’s identity and poster artwork.

We designed both a logo and a symbol; the symbol is a play of the
5 strokes one uses to group and to count. Only we used 7 strokes.
The idea was to invite other designers to play with the symbol in future exhibitions, so it would become an ever-changing and evolving design,
yet at all times recognisable. (For further interpretations of the same symbol by different designers head to

For the First Edition however, we had our own play with the symbol. Our interpretation was using optical colour mixing. Using seven colours; we created each stroke out of 2 different colours. They are both their own colours, however, when seen from a distance they seem to mix and become a new colour. This way we visually explained the process of collaboration that Seven With Another stands for; where 7 teams of two artists with different disciplines come together and create something out of their comfort zone, together exploring a new dimension to their own level.
Posters and postcards were printed. We also letterpressed a limited edition of posters.