We’re very proud to have worked with Two Thirds Sky and Brainheart on a re-branding exercise for the Queensland Museum Network. First off was redesigning the corporate identity. There is so much more to this logo suite in terms of corporate identity opportunity than has been thus far brought to life. What you can see now is a series of logos which have united 5 disparate museums into a connected museum network, without losing their individual identity.

The hexagon shape simply represent the 6 entities (including the Queensland Museum Corporate brand). But beyond this, the hexagon is one of 4 shapes that are part of nature’s code. It is a simple building block from which infinite complexity can be built. Within each hexagon are elements that represent the individual campuses, and these elements can break out and create their own unique identities.

The strategy was for the museum to engage people with what excited them and then entice then to look deeper to understand how and why. The potential for the logo idea to be expanded into a stunning identity to really see the museum amaze, is built into the logo’s identity. For when the time is right. 🙂