1538°: The temperature at which perspective melts.

Good design twists and turns a problem to see it from a novel perspective. The 1538 identity celebrates the serendipitous ideas and forms that emerge from this process.

Fifteenthirtyeight is the brainchild of Kitty and Al, and they make ‘eff off awesome’ furniture and objects by hand. Every piece crafted in their studio is a wonderful play with metal, lines and perspective. This identity hooks in on that idea. It plays with perspective in its literal sense of representing three-dimensional objects, and the way the objects change depending on the angle you are looking at. It also refers to the perspective as in the particular attitude that Kitty and Al have; their point of view on furniture design.

The simply graphic numbers are never seen from the front, and are never in the same combination twice. We see them from above, below, in front, and behind in millions of possible combinations.