Aerialicious asked  if I could design them a logo and business card. Going through a lot of competition sites I realised most aerial companies lack character, style and identity.

The inspiration for the logo has two elements in it. The first element is directly taking of one of the main apparatus that Aerialicious performs on; the lyra. The lyra (aerial ring) is all about contortion within the space of a circle, which I used as a base for a customised font. The second element is based around the feminine aspect, and the grace in all different disciplines. The girls of Aerialicous are known to be gracious, a bit edgy, sexy, daring and strong. Besides the logo, I developed this custom typography further based around the same concept. Each letter works within the circular element and has several different swirls to connect them to the next letter. I used this custom type throughout the website on all different headlines, and it will be used on brochures as well. The business card were printed on black stock, with a silver foil.

I also created an image for Aerialicious, something shot specifically for them to set them apart from other aerial companies. I worked once more with ion studio, who were responsible for the photography, retouching / compositing and we collaborated on the illustration.

Thanks to Justin for making this happen, to Olivia for buidling the website, to Sandra from the Hoopla Family for helping out with the writing, and to Tami and Amanda for putting their trust in me.