The Corporate Clothing Company had been making the uniforms for the Brisbane Convention Centre for the last 5 years, but now the business was up for pitch again. The Corporate Clothing Company wanted to pitch again and asked me to help to make a impressive pitch tender document.

To refer to their shared past with the Brisbane Convention Centre, I dug up their old tender document they did 5 years ago, and then ran it through a paper shredder. From the shredded document I created a new dress, shown on the cover of the document.
As they were presenting design sketches, I decided to keep the sketchiness by doing all type stitched by hand, the type ever slightly different all the times.

The document got them through to the next round, so they asked me to help them to put together an impressive presentation to the board. So to continue the theme, I stitched faces for all their clothing designs, and had them printed on large fabric banners, that were presented on a clothing hangers, hanging off a clothing rack.

Also, I did a hand-stitched thank you pocket with all the designs in it, plus a hand-stitched price list for each board member.

This project was created whilst working at Junior.