Fries Need Mayonnaise was very excited to be responsible for the artwork for this years Brisbane Writers Festival.

The 2014 theme of the Brisbane Writers Festival was ‘collaborations’. There are many kinds of creative partnerships, but what struck us was the partnerships and collaborations that take place through the written word across generations and continents. Ideas building on ideas through contradiction, inspiration, interpretation, misinterpretation, feuds, friendships, praise, leaps forward, dead ends, traditions, rediscoveries.
All forming part of the same story.

Writers experience intentional partnerships, but writer and reader also collaborate indirectly with everyone and everything that has come before them. Ideas thus cascade through time attracting and generating other ideas: building, evolving, and forever unfolding in messy and unpredictable ways. This lead us to OUR STORIES UNFOLD.

The hero artwork created shows
a single sheet, a blank page, representing a thought, a word,
an idea. But from that starting point
it folds and unfolds in an unpredictable and exciting cloud of colour and energy and new ideas that are
taking shape.

All the additional collateral supports and further builds that story of ‘unfolding’. It was a huge rollout of many different bits and pieces, and
I will upload more images of all the collateral soon, but for now,
here’s the poster artwork.

I would like to acknowledge the help
of of some talented people:
Thanks to Robert Henderson for your collaboration on the concept/design, thanks to Justin Overell at Ion Design for the photography, thanks to Justin and Anthony at Ion Design for your great work on the imaging, thanks to Studio None for the web development and thanks to my beautiful interns Kirri Web and Bianca Cassaniti for all your wonderful help. And of course thank you to everyone at BWF and in particular to Kate, Nina and Amy.