This was a lovely little job I did for the Brisbane City Council’s LIVE guides. These guides list all culture, music and arts events in Brisbane, and come out quarterly. I was asked to come up with an illustration for the cover, inspired on Autumn and Brisbane.

Autumn is often seen as a season of change, we say goodbye to not only
a season, but also to activities that go with that season. The heat eases and we welcome the cooler breeze that comes through.

This design shows a women blowing bubbles; she represents autumn and literally blows the autumn wind into Brisbane. From her mouth, her hair blows away and (empty) tree branches follow that direction with their leaves being carried away by the autumn breeze. However, if you look at the overall design, you find an (abstract) representation of Brisbane, seen from an aerial point of view. The red hair follows the movement of the Brisbane river, the tree branches represent the creeks and roads and the leaves represent the buildings and people.