Our Recipe

You know, some things just need each other
to be truly great. Like cocktails need sunsets.
Or Homer needs Marge. And, of course,
fries need mayonnaise.

In our opinion the goodness of the sweet, salty, crunchy and creamy combination of fries with mayonnaise would be enough of a reason for
us to choose that as the name of our small multidisciplinary design studio run out of an
old meat factory in Spring Hill, Brisbane. But it
also kind of explains our approach to design.

You see, we believe that all good design comes from combining things that need each other
to achieve greatness. Passion and Excitement. Research and Thought. Emotion and Skill. That’s why we always approach every graphic design,
art direction or imaging job with both a design eye and a conceptual head. It’s also why we have put together a team of great talent we can call on to assist with every project as needed, whether it
be photographers, retouchers, illustrators or jugglers (hey, you never know) so you always
get the ‘right people for the right job’.

Always in charge of every job, however,
is Fries Need Mayonnaise’s founder,
Monique Kneepkens. Monique was born and
raised in the Netherlands, where she not only
studied art-direction and design in Amsterdam
and The Hague, but also developed a life-long
addiction to fries and mayonnaise.

With a thirst for adventure and a hankering
for warmer weather, Monique moved first to
New Zealand and then Australia, where she has worked with a host of well-respected design studios and advertising agencies, for clients large and small, before opening Fries Need Mayonnaise.

No matter whether you’re after a logo, website, book or billboard, Fries Need Mayonnaise can help. So drop us a line or give us a bell. If you ask nicely, you might even get fries as well…

m. +61 405 427 844
e. hello@friesneedmayonnaise.com
fb. fries need mayonnaise

Areas of Expertise

Identity design

Brand and Design strategy

Concept development

Art direction

Visual communication

Print and Publishing design

Environmental design

Campaign development

Information graphics

Web design




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Industry Recognition

AGDA Award 2012 –
Self Promotion / Packaging –
Fats Waller Record Sleeve

BAD Award 2012 – Bronze –
Queensland Rail Illustration

Qantm Desktop CREATE Awards 2012
– Finalist – Queensland Rail Illustration

BAD Award 2011 – Bronze –
The Good Guide

Qantm Desktop CREATE Awards 2011
– ‘Highly Commended’ notion –
Fats Waller Record Sleeve
– Finalist – The Good Guide
– Finalist – Aerialicious

Winner in Communication Arts Typography Competition: I was awarded a spot in the 2011 Typograhy Annual

Joint first runner up for the 2010 Illustration & Type Award at the 2010 Qantm Desktop CREATE: Awards –
In Africa Christmas Card

BAD Finalist, 2009 – Corporate Clothing Company Tender Document

BAD Finalist, 2009 – Wedding Invite Jade and Tash

BAD Finalist, 2009 – Mille Plateaux Gingerbeer

‘Spilt Milk’ album launch poster was taken up in the ‘Loud, punchy and meaningless’ exhibition, a poster exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery, Feb/March 2009

People’s Choice Award, 2008 – for painting ‘The Letting Go’, Jimboomba Art Show

BAD Finalist, 2007 – press ad ‘Australia Day’ NRMA Insurance

BAD Bronze Award, 2006 – Wedding Invite Matthew and Kirsten Bailey

Silver Flame, Graduation award, Academy for Art-Direction and Design, 2003


A Touch of Class / Sydney Festival, 2011

Stop Flooding My Record Collection, 2011

Seven With Another: First Edition, 2011

‘Loud, punchy and meaningless’ exhibition, a poster exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery, Feb/March 2009